BIRTON-MIX Type 2 is the grey powder to be added to water, for filling, repairing small cracks and surface defects of concrete, cement rendering, brick work and block work. On cement rendered, it provides to match with the same texture. Also applied a thin layer to uneven wall and ceiling areas to obtain a smooth surface, suitable for overcoating with all conventional decorative coatings. To enhance the perfect appearance.


  • The grey mixture powder contains special additives
  • Composed of Hydraulic Binder and Organic Binder
  • BIRTON-MIX is specially formulated to be used for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Very good water retention
  • Quick and easy of mixing
  • Low water absorption
  • Very good bonding strength
  • Sanding is possible when the product is dry
  • Add BIRTON-MIX, Type 2 100% to water 35-45%. Always add powder to water (BIRTON-MIX, Type 2 25 kgs : water 8.75-11.25 lts.)
  • Mix until obtaining a homogeneous mixture by electrical handrill for 4-5 minutes
  • Leave to set for 5 minutes before use
  • The desire viscosity can adjust by adding BIRTON-MIX, Type 2 or water
  • Clean the surface to be treated from dust of any cement residue with water
  • Dampen or moisten the surface to be treated
  • Apply by trowel or scraper and level the surface with steel float
  • Moistening the surface during apply and brushing off all loose particles
  • Always moisten the surface in the first 48 hours period

30-38 square metres per 1 bag (25 kgs.)



Not exceed 3 mm./coat



Equipments and tool should be cleaned with water after use



25 kilograms/paper bag



6 months in a cool and dry place in its original packing


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